We have created a unique partnership of top scientific institutions from the V4. Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Centre for Technology Development, The International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno (FNUSAICRC) and Research Centre for Natural Sciences have connected to create a network of cooperation and absorption capacity of Central European scientific institutions on the V4 partnership for the implementation of telemedicine projects within Horizon Europa.

The aim of this professional partnership is to streamline healthcare and the use of newtechnologies for monitoring and prevention of diseases of civilization. A number of technologies can be used for different specializations inmedicine, which are shared and developed on similar basis. That is why the partners in the field of medicine cover various specialties suchas cardiology, neurology, oncology, diabetology, civilization diseases, etc. The latter dimension serves as the composition for the partnershipof scientific institutions on the ground plan of the Visegrad cooperation. It is one of the first scientific projects aimed at creating a strongcompetitive consortium V4. Thanks to this project a permanent foundation will be built in the V4countries for top research in the field of telemedicine.

We are planning 8 project proposals in the field of technologies for telemedicine for monitoring and treatment of population diseases and 4 publications. These proposals will then be developed into project applications for the HE. The proposals, which we will be preparing to submit as full applications to one of the HE calls. In addition to the project proposals, the database will contain alist of scientific teams, including their knowledge and implemented projects.

Our publications will determine the main direction of R&D projects in the given specializations using telemedicine tools. Our popularization publications will be provided to the main actors who form public policies in the field of health care organization and health protection and will be sent to at least 60 institutions included inV4. The aim of these publications is to raise awareness of the new technologies thatdetermine the future effectiveness of healthcare systems.

Thanks to the fact that part of our activities is aimed at monitoring and prevention of various types of diseases of civilization, the results of our project will be the basis for future R&D projects.

STU, recognizes as the most important scientific andresearch areas information and telecommunication systems and technologies, electronics and electrical engineering and their applications.PORT, its activities covers development of new technologies by conducting research for the benefit of and in cooperation with industry.

FNUSA ICRC, this partner focuses on discovery science, translational medicine and clinical research within one unique researchinfrastructure built for testing and translation of new knowledge efficiently and quickly into clinical medicine. Institute of CognitiveNeuroscience and Psychology that is dedicated to research, development and discoveries in fields of organic chemistry, materials,enzymology and cognitive neuroscience and psychology.