Project funded by Visegrad Fund

The project „V4 Leadership for Horizon Europe – telemedicine“ is successfully implemented by partner institutions: Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technological Development (PL, Wroclaw), International Center for Clinical Research, University Hospital at St. Anny v Brně (CZ, Brno) and the Research Center of Natural Sciences (HU, Budapest). The project leader is the Slovak University of Technology – Faculty of Electrical Engineering (SK, Bratislava).

Thanks to the support of the @visegradfund, it was possible to create an expert cooperation network, which aims to develop project plans for international projects in the field of telemedicine: cardiology, neuroscience, population diseases and technology.

7 online meetings took place during December, January and February. The project proposals will then be submitted as joint projects to Horizon Europe and other international programs. Thanks to the implementation of this project, we will increase the competitiveness of scientific institutions from the V4 countries.

Publications on individual thematic areas will be published in the coming weeks.

Thank you for supporting V4.

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